Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hello from Honduras, September 3, 2011

Hello from Honduras,

We hope each of you is enjoying God's blessing in your life.
He is an awesome God that loves each of us.

We have several praises to share with you. God has been working a lot in our
lives and in the ministry that He has given us.

All 4 of our dispensas have been approved. As you remember a dispensa is
given so you don't have to pay taxes on items brought in the country. This
has saved us lots of money because the different taxes such as introduction
into the country, sales tax, and one or two small taxes they total around
33% of the value of the goods! Praise God for this great savings. Another
Praise we have is that our 2006 F250 is ready for us to pick up in Puerto
Cortes!!!!! This has been an 18 month ordeal for the different permissions
to bring it. We want to thank everyone who donated for the purchase of the
F250 way back in January of 2010. A big thank you to each of you. This new
truck will serve us and the people of Honduras well as we travel the rough

This past week we worked again in a community call Tres de
Mayo here in Tegucigalpa. The week before we worked in Unidad and Fuerzas
another very poor community. There is as always lot of need in the different
communities where we work. We are blessed by each of you and of course by
God to be able to go and serve in these communities.

We also have been busy with our customs agent. We have been
working on the paperwork to release the truck. We also have a shipment of
medicine that will arrive this week. And we are getting our paperwork in
order for the other equipment that is in route for the women's hospital. We
have also been to the highway dept. and our permission for the connection
between the highway & our land is about to come out. This is another praise
for God!!! He is providing all we need in His timing.

We need you to continue praying for our environmental
license and all the little things that need to be done so that this will
move through their system quickly.

Please continue to pray for our safety here in Honduras and pray for us to
be healthy so that we may continue our service to God. Pray for the funding
for the women's hospital to continue to come in quickly. We ask that each of
you pray and ask God what you can do to help in this ministry or who can you
tell about our ministry. We need to grow! We need your help! We thank each
one of you for your continued support and prayers. We are grateful for you
and your love of God that allows you to help us. What an awesome God we serve.

As we have said before we are looking for someone to help us
raise money for the women's clinic and overall work in Honduras. There is
compensation for this job.

The Hands of Christ

P.O. Box 1252
Franklin, Tennessee 37065

We appreciate each of you. Thank you for your prayers and support.

The following are the things we still need your help with. Pray about them
and see where God will lead you.

Site excavation and build road $62,000.00
Dig well 500' - 600' $16,000.00
Environmental license $10,000.00
Construction permit $10,000.00
2 Water storage tanks @ $13,000. = $26,000.00
Gray water tank $2500.00
Dilution tank $2500.00
Septic Tank $6300.00
Security Wall $70,000.00
Study by Environmental agency and removal of trees $2000.00
2 - 3 yard concrete mixer $25,000.00

Also don't forget that we have an abstract painting that can be yours for a
$100,000 donation.

(1968) by Frederic Matys Thursz (1930 - 1992)

This is a very large painting, measuring 6 feet wide x 7 feet high!

We have a notarized
authentication from Phillip H. Harris, Lexington, KY, who was a friend of
Frederic Thursz for four years while Mr. Thursz was on the faculty of the
University of Kentucky. The painting is located in Frankfort, Kentucky. The
person who purchases this painting by donating $100,000.00 to The Hands of Christ will assume responsibility for moving it. It is in Frankfort, Ky.

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