Monday, August 22, 2011

Hello from Honduras, August 22, 2011

Hello from Honduras,

We hope all of you are doing well. It has been a couple of weeks
since we wrote. We have been really busy finishing up with a team doing a
water project that will bring purified water to around 600 families in three
villages. They are going to donate 291 Sawyer Point One water filters to 291
families and teach them how to use the filters. Another 9 filters will be
installed in 3 different schools in the communities. To date 30 families
have received the filters and one has been installed in each of two schools
and two have been installed in the 3rd school. The members of the 30
families that know how to use the filters will be "teachers" in November
when the group comes with the other 266 filters.

We were busy with the 4 dispensas for around a month. If you
remember a dispensa is what we need to bring stuff into Honduras without
paying taxes on it. Well, I am happy to report that 3 of them have been
approved and the forth should be approved this week. We appreciate all the
prayers that offered for the dispensas.

We have also been working on the permissions for the construction of the
women's hospital. Please continue to pray for our Environmental license. The
part of the government that is in charge of that is called SERNA. Please
pray for them to approve our papers quickly. Also pray for those in charge
of the highway department. Our application to build an access to our land
was in someone's drawer for almost two months. This past week we tracked it
down and got it moving again. Pray for them to complete their work quickly.

Last week we also worked in a new neighborhood called Los Pinos. It is a
poor neighborhood that is not to far from our women's hospital site. We are
starting to work in more of the neighborhoods that are close to our women's
hospital site.

Just a reminder that we are looking for someone to help us raise money for
the women's hospital. There is compensation for the person or persons that
help us. We need your help!

We want to ask you to pray fervently for our safety and that we will hear
and obey God's voice every day. Pray that the ship bringing our new truck
will arrive without any problems. It is due to leave Miami on the 24th and
arrive at Puerto Cortes, Honduras on the 27th. Also pray that we will have
no problems getting it or any of the other donated items out of customs.
Remember that you can donate via the website using PayPal or by sending your
check to:

The Hands of Christ - P.O. Box 1252 - Franklin, Tennessee 37065

We appreciate each of you. Thank you for your prayers and support.

The following are the things we still need your help with. Pray about them
and see where God will lead you.

Site excavation and build road $62,000.00
Dig well 500' - 600' $16,000.00
Environmental license $10,000.00
Construction permit $10,000.00
2 Water storage tanks @ $13,000. = $26,000.00
Gray water tank $2500.00
Dilution tank $2500.00
Septic Tank $6300.00
Security Wall $70,000.00
Study by Environmental agency and removal of trees $2000.00
2 - 3 yard concrete mixer $25,000.00

Also don't forget that we have an abstract painting that can be yours for a
$100,000 donation.

Unsigned Painting

(1968) by Frederic Matys Thursz (1930 - 1992)

This is a very large painting, measuring 6 feet wide x 7 feet high!

We have a notarized
authentication from Phillip H. Harris, Lexington, KY, who was a friend of
Frederic Thursz for four years while Mr. Thursz was on the faculty of the
University of Kentucky. The painting is located in Frankfort, Kentucky. The
person who purchases this painting by donating $100,000.00 to The Hands of
Christ will assume responsibility for moving it. It is in Frankfort, Ky.

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