Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hello from Memphis, Tennessee June 17, 2011

Hello from Memphis Tennessee,

I hope you all will celebrate with us. My lovely wife Ana will become an American Citizen Friday (17th) at 10am. We are so proud of her.

On another important note: In response to the prayer request a few weeks ago all our prayers for a speedy process have been answered!! We have been recognized by the Finance dept. of the Honduran Government. I think this is a record. We received this recognition in only 3 weeks. We are so grateful for each of you that prayed for this matter to proceed quickly. We have an awesome God. Thank you God and thanks to each of you.

On yet another note: Below is a list of pressing expenses that we will be facing shortly with the women’s clinic. We would like to ask you to pray about these items and then listen to how God ask you to respond. Please share these with your Sunday Schools, churches, and friends. Let’s get this clinic built and in operation so we can better serve those in need. Thanks for your continued support and prayers. We appreciate each of you!! Please let us know when you can help and which one you can help with.

Site excavation and build road = $62,000.00
Dig well 500’ – 600’ = $16,000.00
Environmental license = $10,000.00
Environmental Engineer = $1700.00
Construction permit = $10,000.00
2 Water storage tanks @ $13,000. = $26,000.00
Gray water tank = $2500.00
Dilution tank = $2500.00
Septic Tank = $6300.00
Security Wall = $70,000.00
Study by Environmental agency and removal of trees = $2000.00
2 – 3 yard concrete mixer = $25,000.00
New Life water purification = $1600.00

Again, we ask you to pray about these matters and follow God’s leading. God Bless each one of you.

In Christ Service Always

John & Ana Lamon
P.O. Box 1252
Fanklin, Tn. 37065

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