Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Amazing day! Praising our Amazing God!

We have had an amazing day. We went to work and saw a few patients in Nueva Jerusalen. Then we went to check on our Convenio with the Government Health dept. Yesterday they told us to come back today. The secretary we talked with today was very arrogant with us and told us it was not ready. On the way out we were very disappointed. I ask God to put someone in our way that could help us. Well he did! Just as we were leaving we ran into someone we knew and explained to her what had just happened. She said to call her in 30 minutes. When we made the call she said that our Convenio (agreement) had been signed!! Praise God!!!

We want to thank each one of you that prayed for the minister of health to sign this agreement. This is a big deal because it will allow us to bring all our equipment for the women's clinic into Honduras without paying taxes on it. This agreement took 13 to 14 months from the time we started working on it until it was signed by the minister. Lots of prayers went into this. Again we are thankful to each and every one of you that prayed for this!!!

To God is the glory and honor forever!! More prayer request will be coming in a few days!

In Christ Service Always,

John & Ana Lamon
P.O. Box 1252
Franklin Tennessee 37065

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