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Hello from Honduras April 21, 2011

Hello from Honduras,

What a great week we had with the group from Brentwood UMC. They are an extraordinary group of individuals. Each brought their own talents that the Lord had given them and as a group put them to work serving Him. We worked in Nueva Capital, Las Adras, Carrizal 2 days, & Villa Linda Miller. When they arrived they were full of questions about what to expect. We tried to answer them as best we could and reassure them that all would be fine. There were 3 doctors, 3 nurse practitioners, 1 Physical therapist, & 4 really good helpers. There were no slackers in this group. Many had been on missions before, just not in the capacity as a medical professional. This was their first time. As the first day of work began we were on top of a mountain overlooking Tegucigalpa in a small wooden church and very crowded. The noise of 7 medical personnel, their translators, plus the patients, all talking at once can be quite loud. But I could see as the day wore on the jitters were leaving & everyone was adjusting to their work and the fact that most of them had to use a translator to do the job they know so well. By the end of day 2 everything was flowing smoothly and the number of patients seen daily was growing. They were a like a well oil machine doing what they do best, healing those that are hurting. Days 3, 4, & 5 were routine for them. Their efficiency continued to improve and they were relaxed enjoying their work. They were fantastic. I could not stop writing without talking about the pharmacy team. They caught on so quick to the work that I was impressed. They quickly learned the medicines and dosages that the doctors were ordering. The pharmacy dispensed the medicine almost as soon as they received each patients RX and each day we finished only 5 - 10 minutes after the doctors. It did help that two members of the pharmacy team spoke Spanish and could assist giving out the medicine. In the pharmacy we had 3 regulars and one nurse practitioner or PT rotating each day. Before the doctors or pharmacy could do their work, each patient had to pass through the pre-clinic where blood pressures were taken, allergies to medicines noted, and information about the patients current needs noted for the doctors. Those in the pre-clinic were fast and proficient. Hats off to a great group.

Notes From Dr. Ana: This group was really terrific. We worked as a real team. Even though I had not met most of them before, I can say, they gave their all for the Hondurans. As my husband said this Team is full of talents, what I noticed though was they were humble, and gentle and quiet in spirit. Nobody was arrogant or thinking they were auto sufficient. They always supported each other and in this way the whole week was successful. They were always listening to suggestions and working together before each challenge or new situation. I felt that I was really part of this group. I felt like the Holy Spirit was guiding us at every moment and as a real testimony I can say all of them were obeying what God was asking of them every day in different places that we work.

Finally, I can say no matter that a person can be an excellent professional, a prominent person, but if this person does not have a sincere love for your brother or neighbor all will be vanish.

I Peter 3:4: Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight.

In Christ Service Always,

John & Ana Lamon
P.O. Box 1252
Franklin Tennessee 37065

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