Thursday, December 2, 2010

Alternative Gift Giving for The Hands of Christ

December 2, 2010

Friends and Supporters:

As we enter this holiday season, The Hands of Christ is blessed to have faithful financial and prayer supporters like you. As you are making your Christmas and gift selection over the next few weeks we would like to offer you an alternative. If you would like to "purchase" a gift for The Hands of Christ in honor or memory of someone I will send you a gift tag to hang on your Christmas trees or wrap as a gift. Some examples of items you can gift to us are:

$15 for Medicine Bags and Supplies

$500 Shipment of Medicines

$30 for One Month Telephone Service or Utilities Assistance

$25,000 Cost of Medicines for One Year

$100 for Truck Fuel for 2 Weeks

$600 for Housing

Please send your gift and item notation to me by Dec. 15th at P.O. Box 1252 Franklin, TN 37065 or email me at the address below, I will in turn send you a “tag” for your tree!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sarah Hathaway
The Hands of Christ, Inc.
A Non-Profit Organization

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